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0 kara Hajimeru Manga Kyoushitsu

0 kara Hajimeru Manga Kyoushitsu

Other names: 0から始めるまんが教室
Status: Complete
It's a how-to-draw-manga thing KURUMATANI Haruko posts on Sho-Comi. There's about 2-3 pages of it each issue. It's not really a story or anything, it just talks about how to draw manga and techniques, etc. From Midnight Scans: Reika is a rich girl who wants to pursue her dream of being a mangaka; and so, she hired a butler, one whom specializes in teaching people how to draw manga. That is how Seba* came here. However, since his knowledge about manga is vast, he turns into the ultimate Spartan whenever he teaches her! Even today, he whips her still. The secret teaching debut, and the enthusiasm over cool butlers will start soon! *Seba: Sebastian, but it is a common term to call a butler that, however, in this case, it might also be his name.
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