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12 Seiza Danshi

12 Seiza Danshi

Other names: 12 Zodiac Boys, 12星座男子, Juuni Seiza Danshi
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Yaoi, Romance
From Muses Scans: The Justice Filled Cop “Aries” x “Pisces” the Newbie Delinquent with a Heart of Glass; “Taurus” x “Aquarius”; “Gemini” x “Sagittarius”; “Cancer” x “Capricorn”; “Leo” x “Virgo” and “Scorpio” x “Libra”... The outcome of these six romances is only known by the stars! Catching a delinquent, criticizing a Junior, fighting couples, attack of a meddlesome person and many other different types of couples~ Accepting the personalities of the 12 Zodiacs •
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