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Other names: 이지스, 이지스 - 신의 방패, Aegis - God of Armor, Ijisu Shin eui Bangpae
Status: Ongoing
Author: Yoo Ha Jin
Artis: Yoo Ha Jin
From NetComics: Having gained independence from Revro, the Earth secretly trains an army of boys. Jino and Izare are abandoned to the camp, and Izare silently sacrifices himself to keep his promise to Maria that he'd look after Jino. But Jino escapes the soul-killing cruelty of the camp. With Jino in his heart, Izare remains to become an ultimate weapon. The boys' lives, and the secrets of the mysterious Maria, gradually unravel. For Earth, can peace and utopia be won?
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1Chap 1 Vol 09 6.5MBone year ago
2Chap 2 Vol 09 4.8MB11 months ago
3Chap 3 Vol 09 6.5MB11 months ago
4Chap 4 Vol 08 5.2MB11 months ago
5Chap 5 Vol 01 3.7MB11 months ago