1x11 Te Recuerdo
1x04 Das Verschwinden
Afuresou na Pool

Afuresou na Pool

Other names: あふれそうなプール, 溢满之池, Afure sou na Pool, Afuresouna Pool, As the Pool Floods with Water, As the Pool Overflows With Water
Status: Complete
Genre: Yaoi
IRIYA Tetsuo was the nice, quiet kid that everybody knows. Until well-meant prodding on the part of HANADA Satoshi made him chose the 'easy' way out. He purposely failed the entrance exam to a good school, and picked fights so that he wouldn't have to be around Hanada anymore. The last thing he expected or wanted was for strong-willed KIZU Ryouji to show any interest in him. The sparks fly between the two, while Iriya's best friend KASUGA Ryouta watches jealously.... (~from translated-treasures)
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