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Ah! Itoshi no Caramel Boy

Ah! Itoshi no Caramel Boy

Other names: 嗚呼 愛し の キャラメル ボーイ, 嗚呼 愛し の キャラメル ボーイ!, Ah! My Darling Caramel Boy, Oh! My Darling Caramel Boy
Status: Complete
Author: Kayono
Artis: Kayono
Akira and Yuujirou, who are childhood friends, both love to surf, and both have an unrequited love for each other. This is because after Yuujirou kissed Akira a year ago, she slaps him! Now all he does is bully Akira, whilst Akira has feelings of regret for slapping him!
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1Chap 1 Vol 01Find your soul mate 6.6MBone year ago