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Ah! My Goddess

Ah! My Goddess

Other names: ああっ女神さまっ, 我的女神, Aa! Megami-sama!, Aa, Megami-sama, Aa Megami-sama, Ah! My Goddess, Oh! My Goddess, Oh! My Goddess!
Status: Complete
Keiichi, a student at Nekomi Institute of Technology, calls a wrong number and ends up invoking Belldandy, goddess of the present. Belldandy grants him one wish, and he says: "I want you to stay forever". The wish is approved, and Keiichi is shortly thrown out of his all-male dorm. He settled in an old temple and is eventually joined by Belldandy's sisters Urd, troublemaking goddess of the past, and Skuld, mecha freak and goddess of the future.
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1Chap 1 3.1MBone year ago
2Chap 2 2.3MBone year ago
3Chap 3 3.2MBone year ago
4Chap 4 2.2MBone year ago
5Chap 5 2.1MBone year ago
6Chap 6 3.1MBone year ago
7Chap 7 1.8MBone year ago
8Chap 8 1.8MBone year ago
9Chap 9 3.4MBone year ago
10Chap 10 2.4MBone year ago
11Chap 11 2.2MBone year ago
12Chap 12 3MBone year ago
13Chap 13 2.8MBone year ago
14Chap 14 2MBone year ago
15Chap 15 2.8MB11 months ago
16Chap 16 2.5MB11 months ago
17Chap 17 1.7MB11 months ago
18Chap 18 1.5MB11 months ago
19Chap 19 1.5MB11 months ago
20Chap 20 2MB11 months ago
21Chap 21 2.8MB11 months ago
22Chap 22 1.8MB11 months ago
23Chap 23 2MB11 months ago
24Chap 24 2.2MB11 months ago
25Chap 25 2.4MB11 months ago
26Chap 26 1.8MB11 months ago
27Chap 27 1.9MB11 months ago
28Chap 28 1.8MB11 months ago
29Chap 29 2.1MB11 months ago
30Chap 30 2.4MB11 months ago