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Ai Kara Hajimaru

Ai Kara Hajimaru

Other names: 愛から始まる, Love starts
Status: Complete
Author: Yukimaru Moe
Sakura Ai, had her first love on Tokuzawa Taiyou during her elementary years. When the sweet and gentle Tokuzawa-kun transferred to another school causing Ai-chan to have a funny nickname "Granny Ai" when he left, Ai-chan tried to forget about him. But fate never gave up even when she was in high school! While Ai-chan went to her garden of sunflowers by the pool in the school, she found a phone lying on the ground. When she knew that it was Tokuzawa-kun's, she left it on the ground and ran away, knowing that the kind Tokuzawa-kun she used to know during childhood is now a frank tough delinquent, would her love for him bloom again?
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