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Ai ni Kizukeyo

Ai ni Kizukeyo

Other names: 愛に気づけよ, Ai ni Kidzuke yo, Ai ni Kizuke yo
Status: Complete
Yoshihara has again bumped into Hoshina, his high school kouhai. Once, when they were both drunk, Yoshihara slept with Hoshina. Since that time, Yoshihara realized that he loved Hoshina, but unable to tell Hoshina his true feelings and unable to withstand the pain of a superficial relationship, Yoshihara distanced himself from Hoshina……. Aside from the titular story, this masterful anthology includes such short stories as “The Unripe Fruit” and “That Is the Name of the Flower You Cherish,” stories that are brimming with Narazaki Souta’s storytelling charm!! Chapter 1 - The Unripe Fruit Chapter 2 - Notice My Love Chapter 3 -That Is the Name of the Flower You Cherish Chapter 4 - Pierce Me with Your Gaze! Chapter 5 - HEAT ART BOYS
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