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Aikotoba wa Hallelujah

Aikotoba wa Hallelujah

Other names: 合言葉はハレルヤ
Status: Complete
Genre: Comedy, Yaoi
Author: Kamo Nabako
Sequel to tone (Naisho de Alleluya) Popular composer Shu Ooka has an older lover, a beautiful bully of a man, Shizuka, who is also his cousin. They enjoy a lovefilled life, together with his son Botan... Except, their neighbour, the popular stage actor Ryujin Takamura is actually on an amorous quest targeting Shizuka! Ryujin has real talent at playing the lead role of a lover. But he has also been Shu's rival since they were students! And now, Shizuka is helping Ryujin out with his housework making Shu's heart burn!
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