Виола Тараканова. В мире преступных страстей
Akari o Otoshita Ato de

Akari o Otoshita Ato de

Other names: 灯を落としたあとで, After Turning off a Light, Akari o Otoshita Atode, Akari wo Otoshita Ato de, Akari wo Otoshita Atode
Status: Complete
Genre: Yaoi
One day, a customer barged in Takumi's tailor store requesting to buy a suit that didn't fit him well, but was in so much hurry he couldn't stay long enough to have it fixed or even get his receipt. He came back days later to apologize and order the commission of a new suit. As time went by, Takumi started taking an interest in Takano-sama. On the night Takumi was to deliver the suit, Takano-sama confessed that they had met once more before he came in the shop…
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