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Akazukin Chacha

Akazukin Chacha

Other names: 赤ずきんチャチャ, Akazukin Cha Cha, Red Riding Hood Chacha, Chacha - Cô bé quàng khăn đỏ
Status: Ongoing
Author: Ayahana Min
Chacha is the disciple of the world's greatest magician, Seravy. However, she herself is still anything but great. An apprentice witch, Chacha always manages to mess up her spells and bring about disaster. With the companionship of her friends Riiya, a strong wolf-boy, and Shiine, a fellow apprentice, Chacha continues on her wacky journey of becoming a better magician.
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List Akazukin Chacha's chaps

#Chap TitleDownloadUpdated
1Chap 1 Vol 01Introducing Chacha, The Red-hooded Magician 3.8MBone year ago
2Chap 2 Vol 01The Giant Muscled Demon Of Mochimochi Mountain!? 2.9MBone year ago
3Chap 3 Vol 01The Snacks Witch, Cream, Zansu!? 3MBone year ago
4Chap 4 Vol 01Pretty Mermaid Marin Appears!? 3.1MBone year ago
5Chap 5 Vol 01I'm Kopett, The Old Man From The Puppet Mansion!! 3.5MBone year ago
6Chap 6 Vol 02It's The World's Coolest Vampire, Kyuu-chan! 4.1MBone year ago
7Chap 7 Vol 02It's The Genius Scientist, Doctor Mikeneko's First Appearance! Nya-!! 3.4MBone year ago
8Chap 8 Vol 02(In Comes The Twin Magicians, Kankan And Ranran! 3MBone year ago
9Chap 9 Vol 02Search For The Age Increasing Potion 3.1MBone year ago
10Chap 10 Vol 02Chacha Vs. Seravy, The Final Showdown!? 3.5MBone year ago
11Chap 11 Vol 02Black Riding Hood Yakko-chan Appears 3.5MBone year ago
12Chap 12 Vol 03First Showdown! Riiya Vs. Chacha) 3.8MBone year ago
13Chap 13 Vol 03Explosion Of Coldness! Oyuki-sensei, The Snow Woman, Appears 3.4MB11 months ago
14Chap 14 Vol 03Sea Monster Umibouko Appears 3.7MB11 months ago
15Chap 15 Vol 03The Big Athletic Festival At Urara Academy 3.7MB11 months ago
16Chap 16 Vol 03Dorothy's Little Sister!? Doris Appears. 3.8MB11 months ago
17Chap 17 Vol 03The Cupid Devil - Cupid Fell-Chan Appears 3.9MB11 months ago
18Chap 18 Vol 04The Card Game King, Cartan, Appears 3.5MB11 months ago
19Chap 19 Vol 04Wizard Sevary's Secret Birthday Story 3.6MB11 months ago
20Chap 20 Vol 04 4.2MB11 months ago
21Chap 21 Vol 04 5.3MB11 months ago
22Chap 22 Vol 04 5.5MB11 months ago
23Chap 23 Vol 04Limestone Cave Monster Nyuunyuu 6.8MB11 months ago
24Chap 24 Vol 04The Feudal Lord Again... 5.4MB11 months ago
25Chap 25 Vol 04Jason Appears at the Campground 6.5MB11 months ago
26Chap 26 Vol 04Chacha's Wonderful Day Off 5.6MB11 months ago
27Chap 26.5 Vol 04Seravy Catches a Cold 1.6MB11 months ago
28Chap 58.2 Vol 04Special story - "no sleep tonight" 1.4MB11 months ago
29Chap 39 Vol 04The massive dog foot flu epidemic 1.8MB11 months ago