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Akiru made Hanasou yo

Akiru made Hanasou yo

Other names: あきるまで話そうよ, Akiru made Hanasouyo, Let's Talk Until We Get Tired
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Yaoi
Author: Uchida Kaoru
[From Nakama] Trying to avoid being so popular with women, the legendary girl-magnet Takeuchi transfers to an all-boys school. Once there, he can’t help but wonder why Iida, who he’s known for a while, always eats his lunch early. At first he only thought him a little strange, but before he realized it, he found himself following him with his eyes all the time. The two become close by Iida sharing his bento. Being with the fun-loving Iida every day turns Takeuchi’s dull days into fun ones?! A series about the tantalizing love between a wholesome young man sharing his bento with a girl-magnet, a gorgeous masterpiece compilation including an extra, and one of the first pieces written in the name “Uchida Kaoru”!!
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