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Akuma to Issho

Akuma to Issho

Other names: 悪魔と一緒, Together with a Demon, サークル, Circle (NAONO Bohra), Blood Chip, Blood Hope, Blood Trap, The Box, The Circle
Status: Complete
Author: Naono Bohra
1. The Circle All social connections fall into circles, some circles intersect, and some people can never connect. Captain Tachikawa wants to be closer to talented amateur Furuda, but it's surprisingly difficult. 2. The Box After seeing the friend he's loved for ten years be swept up in an out-of-the-blue romance, Andou's more than a little heartbroken. Then in steps the freakishly tall Higa, a first year at the university, to pick up the pieces... if only Andou actually wanted him too. 3. Blood Hope A man living with his daughter and grandchild finds a mysterious book and releases a demon. That demon offers to grant him one wish, but for a price... 4. Blood Trap The story of Blood Hope continues with Hisae Kai, his daughter, his granddaughter, and Hakuou - a demon - living peacefully together. This peace is interrupted by a heavenly messenger sent to seal Hakuou, and Hisae must move to protect the ones he loves from this meddlesome spirit. 5. Blood Chip Hisae Kai, his family, and the demon, Hakuou, still live together blissfully. One morning, Hisae gets fed up with Hakuou's overflowing pottery works that are blocking Hisae's workspace and demands that he removes them. During the cleanup, Hisae is attacked by a strange creature and Hakuou must protect him. 6. Akuma to Issho A short one shot, more like a small extra, to the Blood- Hope, Trap, and Chip series of one-shots.
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