Frank Oz
Steve Susskind
Akutai wa Toiki to Mazariau

Akutai wa Toiki to Mazariau

Other names: 你越坏我越爱, 悪態は吐息と混ざりあう, Your Voice Likes Sweet Whisper
Status: Complete
Genre: Drama, Yaoi
1) Curses Showered on the Visitor “Do not deceive a person. Do not threaten a person. Do not handcuff people. Any illegal activity is forbidden.” Said Natsume as he lays down the ground rules for Touji the stalker... 2) Curses Divert the Craving Natsume is having a bad day; he has just lost a major deal to a rival company. To make matters worst, he runs into his ex-colleague and finds out that he is the one who stole his deal from him. 3) Curses Mingled with Sighs Touji flies into a rage when he finds out that Ryouji, Natsume's cousin/boss, is going to visit his place. 4) Curses Make the Birthday Colourful Touji is busy with exam preparations and disappears on Natsume. After a few days, he finally turns up but he is sick. 5) Curses Can Cover the Ears Natsume meets Souya, Touji's cousin, who is even more unnerving than his stalker.
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