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Renchi na Himoto

Renchi na Himoto

Other names: 恋痴な日本, 恋痴日本
Status: Ongoing
Author: Teika Kobato
Mogami Himoto shouldn't have any problems. He's rich. He's smart. He's athletic. He's incredibly attractive. He's an "ikemen." Meeting Yaenami Yukka plunges his life into chaos. First, she mistakenly accuses him of molesting her and broadcasts the news to the whole school. Then she ropes him into pretending to be his fiancee... which might not be so bad if not for the self-defense mechanism which results in her punching any ikemen who comes close to her. And then there's the curse...
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1Chap 1 Read Online 8.7MB11 months ago
2Chap 2 7.2MB11 months ago
3Chap 3 5.3MB11 months ago
4Chap 4 5MB11 months ago
5Chap 5 3.1MB11 months ago
6Chap 6 5.6MB11 months ago