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Shikanai Seitokai

Shikanai Seitokai

Other names: しかない生徒会, 徒有一长学生会, Shikanai Student Council, There is only the Student Council
Status: Ongoing
In this eccentric student council, it contains "the nothing but": 1. ...a face student council president Hiiragi Mikado 2. vice president Yanase Kiri 3. treasurer Kabashima Kyouichiro 4. ...brains treasurer Kashiwagi Sou 5. ...popular secretary Tsuge Chuukichi With a student council like this, it's no wonder that the transfer student, Matsunami Yuki is overwhelmed and decides to win the chaotic marathon for her fellow new classmates (i.e. make new friends). Unfortunately (or fortunately?), she caught the eye of the "nothing but face student council president" himself! What will happen to her?
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